Here are some samples from our bar food menu.

Monday to Friday: 12pm-3pm, 5.30pm-9.00pm

Saturday: 12pm-9.00pm

Sunday: 6.00pm-8.00pm

Item Description Price
Baguettes Classic BLT £5.50
Salad Atlantic Prawn Salad £10.95
Pizzas American Hot £9.95
Jacket Potatos Chilli Con Carne and Cheese £6.50
Burgers Ultimate Oysterfleet burger £11.95
Pasta Chicken Linguine £9.95
Homemade pies Steak & Kidney £10.95
Fish Beer battered fish & chips £11.95
From the grill Hunters chicken £11.95
Dessert White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake £4.95

Menu 1: £15.95 per person

Assorted finger bridge rolls

Sausage rolls

Roasted chicken drumsticks

Quiche Lorraine

Tortilla chips with salsa & sour Cream & Chive Dip

Menu 2: £19.95 per person

Assorted sandwiches

Sausage rolls

Cajun seasoned potato wedges

Roasted chicken drumsticks

Pizza slices

Vegetable spring rolls

Tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream and chive dip

Unlimited freshly brewed Tea and Coffee

These menus give an insight into the services we can offer, however a viewing with our events co-ordinator will allow you to discuss any special requirements

Item Price
Buffet Extras
Fresh decorated whole salmon £105.00
Platter of ham (30 slices) £48.00
Platter of roast Beef (30 slices) £55.00
Platter of roast turkey (30 slices) £50.00
Cheese platter £120.00
Platters (based on 30 portions)
Coleslaw £26.00
Pasta salad £30.00
Curried rice Salad £30.00
New potatoes £26.00
Mixed salad £30.00
Victoria sponge cake £35.00
Carrot cake £35.00

(V) Vegetarian - (VG) Vegan - (GF) Gluten Free - (P) Pescatarian

Item Price
Breads & Olives
Artisan styled petit pains with olive oil and balsamic(V) £4.49
Garlic & chilli marinated olives (V) £4.49
Garlic butter pizza bread £4.49
Garlic butter pizza bread with cheese £5.45
Garlic & herb bread slices £3.60
Garlic & herb bread slices with cheese £4.25
Classic Starters
Soup of the day with a roll & butter £4.95
Chicken liver pate with crostini & chutney £6.95
Crispy chicken fillet goujons with BBQ dips £5.50
Prawn cocktail platter with brown bread & butter (P) £7.95
PBattered calamari with rocket & aioli (P) £6.95
Garlic mushroom bruschetta in creamy sauce(V) £5.95
Vegetable samosa with a sweet chilli dip (VG) £35.00
Chicken & bacon caesar £10.95
Atlantic prawn salad (P) £12.95
Greek salad with mint yoghurt dressing (V) (GF) £8.95
Honey lime & ginger steamed salmon salad(up to 15 mins cooking time)(P) (GF) £14.95
Italian Style Dishes
Chicken & mushroom risotto with parmesan shavings £13.95
Homemade beef lasagne with side salad £10.95
Mediterranean vegetable lasagne with side salad (V) £11.95
Chicken linguine & parmesan shavings with garlic bread £10.95
Margarita (V) - mozzarella cheese, tomato & oregano £7.95
Hawaiian - tomato ragu, oregano & mozzarella, ham & pineapple £9.45
New Yorker - tomato ragu, oregano & mozzarella, bacon, red pepper, pepperoni & rocket £10.95
American Hot - tomato ragu, oregano, peperoni, mozzarella, mushroom & jalapeños £10.95
Texan BBQ - bbq ragu, oregano & mozzarella, chargrilled chicken, red onion & sweetcorn £10.95
Oysterfleet special - tomato ragu, oregano & mozzarella, chicken, pepperoni, bacon, red onion, mushroom & sweetcorn £12.95
Bowl of mixed vegetables (V) £3.95
Sautéed mushrooms (V) £3.95
Onion rings (V) £3.45
Bowl of homemade onion rings (available in restaurant only) (V) £4.75
Bowl of side salad with balsamic honey mustard dressing (V) £3.95
Mash potato / chunky chips / fries / new potatoes (V) £3.95
Cauliflower cheese £4.50
From the Char-grill
8oz Sirloin Steak (GF) £7.95
8oz Fillet Steak - served with grilled mushrooms, tomato, rocket & chunky chips (GF) (please allow 20mins cooking time for steaks depending on requirement) £32.95
Add a sauce peppercorn/ mushroom/ stilton/ diane £2.95
Hunters chicken - with fries & salad garnish £12.95
Gammon Steak (GF) - with fried egg, grilled pineapple & chunky chips £13.95
Gourmet Burgers - served with broche buns
Steak burger - with streaky bacon, cheese, salad with fries, onion rings & coleslaw £14.95
Cajun chicken breast burger - with salad & mayo with fries, onion rings & coleslaw £12.95
Vegan plant burger (VG) - salad & vegan mayo with fries, onion rings & coleslaw (may contain traces of nuts) £12.95
From The Sea
Roasted skate wing (P) - with prawns, caper & caper butter served with new potatoes and green beans (up to 25 minutes cooking time) £22.95
Curried fish kedgeree (P) (GF) - served with poached egg £14.95
Moules marinière (P) - with fries, baguette and aioli dip £11.95
Beer battered cod & chunky chips (P) - with pea & tartare sauce £12.95
Scampi & fries (P) - served with tartare sauce £11.95
Seafood paella (P) (GF) £14.95
Roast of the day - with mixed vegetables, roast potatoes, parsnips, stuffing, chipolatas, yorkshire pudding & gravy £13.95
Cumberland sausages - with mash, peas, gravy & onion £10.45 Steak & kidney pie - in a puff pastry case, served with mixed vegetables, gravy & chips/ mash/ or new pots £11.95
Chicken, mushroom & leek pie - in a pastry case, served with mixed vegetables, gravy & chips, mash or new pots £11.95
Chicken tikka curry with naan & rice £11.95
Vegetable tikka curry with naan & rice (V) £11.95
Chickpea & red lentil dahl (VG) -with rice £11.95
Homemade cottage pie - peas and gravy £11.95
Homemade fish pie (P) -topped with smokey cheese mash,served with broccoli florets £13.95
Warm double chocolate fudge cake - with ice cream £5.95
Raspberry & white chocolate cheesecake - with cream (may contain traces of nuts) £5.95
Treacle pudding & custard (may contain traces of nuts) £5.95
Belgium waffle - with vanilla ice cream, honeycomb & sauce £5.95
Selection of ice cream sundaes £4.95
RVegan dessert of the day £5.95
Cheeseboard, cheddar, stilton & brie with onion chutney & crackers £7.95
Hamburger & fries £6.95
Cheeseburger & fries £7.95
Ultimate double beef burger - with cheese, bacon, fries & onion rings £12.95
Spicy bean burger & fries (V) £10.95
Cheese (V) £4.95
Cheese & beans £5.45
Cajun chicken mayo £6.95
Atlantic prawns with seafood sauce (P) £7.95
Chilli con carne with cheese £6.95
Tortilla Wraps
Chargrilled Chicken Caesar £6.95
BBQ pulled pork, Mexican cheese & lettuce £6.95
Louisiana vegetable burrito (V) (VG) £5.95
Feta cheese, pesto verde, tomato and mixed leaf (V) £6.95
Chilli and cheese burrito £6.95
Add fries £1.95
Favourite Bar Snaoks
Honey roast ham, fried egg & chips (GF) £7.95
Chilli con carne - with rice & garlic bread £9.95
Nachos - with salsa, jalapeños, cheese & onions £7.95
Nachos topped with chilli con carne (GF) £10.95
Mixed meat salad (GF) - turkey, ham, beef & dressing £10.95
RTwo Fishcakes (P) - with fries, salad & sweet chilli sauce £10.95
All day breakfast - 2 sausages, bacon, baked beans, fried egg & fries £11.95
Cheddar cheese £4.95
Classic BLT £5.75
Roast turkey £5.75
Honey roast ham £5.45
Cumberland sausage with fried onions £5.95
Roast topside of beef £5.95
Atlantic prawns with seafood sauce (P) £7.25
Ham & cheese £4.95
Mozzarella, tomato & pesto (V) £4.95
Add fries £1.95
Club sandwich with fries £10.95
Kiddies Food
Hamburger & fries £6.95
Chicken nuggets with fries & baked beans £5.95
Sausage mash, peas & gravy £5.95
Pasta with ragu / butter or cheese £4.95
Margarita pizza (V) £7.95
Fishcake fries & Peas £6.95

Thank you for considering The Oysterfleet Hotel as a venue for your special day.

Situated in the South of Essex, The Oysterfleet is an independently owned hotel. We offer a unique wedding suite, forty en-suite bedrooms, an 120 seater a la carte restaurant and a family friendly bar.

The enclosed information gives an insight into the services we can offer, however a viewing with our wedding and events co-ordinator will allow you to fully appreciate the full extent and flexibility of our Wedding packages.

Kindest regards

The Oysterfleet Hotel


Wedding Suites


Lakeside Suite

The Lakeside Suite is a beautifully spacious room situated on the first floor oft. He ick aside suite boinstisuwubarakindune lstand'spiciuresou.

lake, the Lakeside Suite boasts its own bar and dance floor.

Access is available to your own private area within our beautifully designed Lakeside Garden. Up to 150 guests can be accommodated a a sit down meal. Your own private section of the garden and lake views to 220 guests for an informal gathering.


The Wedding Package

Use of the Lakeside Suite

Seat covers and choice of colour sash

Reception drink and toasting drink

3 course wedding breakfast meal plus cake stand & knife

Up to ½ bottle of wine per adult to be served during your meal

Front of house manager and full bar facilities

House DJ to play until 12.30am

Bridal Suite and breakfast for two

Wedding Car (supplement of £150.00)


Monday to Thursday £70.00 per head

Sunday or Friday £80.00 per head 

Saturday £90.00 per head


All prices are inclusive of VAT - Price excludes Bank Holiday Weekends

Minimum of 50 guest


Civil Ceremonies 

The Oysterfleet Hotel is one of the first venues to be granted a premises license in the Essex area to be used for civil marriages under the Marriage Act 1994, Marriages regulations 1995.

we have several locations which can cater for small intimate ceremonies inside or out (20 guests) to large grand occasions (150 guests). Room hire for service £250.00.

As soon as you have made provisional arrangements for your marriage on an approved premises you should contact the Superintendent Registrar for the district in which the premises are situated. (The Register

Office - 0345 6037632).

You will also have to give a notice of marriage to the Superintendent Registrar in the area in which you live. The notice is valid for twelve months and must be given in person by each of you at least fifteen days before the date that the wedding is due to take place.

You are advised that any ceremony conducted on approved premises shall not be religious in any nature. The content of the ceremony must be agreed in advance with the Superintendent who will be attending the ceremony.





Soup of your choice

Stilton, bacon & glazed walnut salad

Chicken liver pâté with crostini

Prawn platter with seafood sauce

Melon fruit harvest

Mozzarella & tomato salad



Roast leg of lamb served with minted jus

Supreme of chicken served with a choice of sauces

Roast Norfolk turkey served with chipolatas, stuffing and white wine jus

Slow roast loin of pork served with apple cider sauce

Roast British beef with Yorkshire pudding and a red wine jus

Fillet of salmon served with a creamy tarragon sauce

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable lasagne

Creamy mushroom stroganoff served with rice

Cumin, butternut squash & lentil wellington with onion gravy

All main dishes are served with potatoes and a selection of seasonal vegetables



Chocolate profiteroles served with cream

Dutch apple flan

Mature cheddar cheese & biscuits

Strawberries & cream


Freshly brewed coffee and chocolate mints


Please note this is a suggested menu only, your wedding co-ordinator will be happy to discuss any changes for your ultimate meal


Finger buffets available

Item Price
Menu F £14.95
Assorted sandwiches sausage rolls
Roasted chicken drumsticks
Quiche Lorraine
Tortilla chips with salsa & sour cream & chive dip
Menu j £18.95
Assorted sandwiches
Sausage rolls
Cajun seasoned potato wedges
Roasted chicken drumsticks
Pizza slices
Vegetable spring rolls
Tortilla chips with salsa & sour cream & chive dip
Buffet Extras
Platter of ham (30 slices) £50.00
Platter of roast turkey (30 slices) £50.00
Platter of roast beef (30 slices) £50.00
Trio of cheese platter £120.00
Platters (based on 30 portions)
Coleslaw £26.00
New potatoes £26.00
Tomato pasta salad £30.05
Spicy cajun wedges £26.00
Mixed salad £30.00
Junior Menu £29.95
Garlic bread or soup
Breaded chicken fillets with chips
Fish goujons with chips
Sausages & mash
Selection of ice creams
Reception drinks
Bucks Fizz
Soft drinks
Drinks for your meal
House dry or medium white wine
House rose wine
House red wine
Mineral water
Hotel Rooms
40 ensuite bedrooms
Small twin / double
Standard twin / double
Small family room
Large family room
Bridal suite

Please check online for prices and availability

Get in touch with us

Some coordinates and info, so we can always be in touch.


01268 510111

Oysterfleet Hotel
21 Knightswick Road
Canvey Island, Essex SS8 9PA


Mon - Sat: 9am - 9pm
Sun: 9am - 8pm


Mon - Sun: 8.30am - 10am


Mon - Thurs: 11am - 11pm
Fri: 11am - Midnight
Sat: 11am - Midnight
Sun: 12am - 10.30pm


Mon - Fri: 12pm - 3pm & 5.30pm - 9.00pm
Sat: 12pm - 9.00pm
Sun: 6.30pm - 8.00pm


Mon - Sat: 12pm - 2pm & 6pm - 9pm
Sun: 12pm - 4.30pm (Sunday Carvery)